2010 Composition Portfolio

by Andrew Deavin

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Music written for Grade 12 music composition university course.


released September 24, 2010



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.
Track Name: Protector
Gather round, men women, children,
hear the tale I will tell
Of a once 'armless man, now king of the world
and the grace from which he fell.

He was born amidst a storm,
his fate neatly sealed;
an otherworldy power, locked in his heart,
that one day would be revealed.

He was bought up a warrior,
the finest in all the land.
He'd fought, and he'd won, til one awful day
when a foe severed off his hand.

He was weak, he was dying,
he'd fled the battlefield.
His enemies were countless in number and strength,
he knew that they would not yield.

When all hope seemed lost, he looked to the sky,
and he saw a hovering ship!
He could not believe his eyes, the UFO came from the skies,
it landed near him and out came the ancient race that lay inside!


They were aliens, no doubt 'bout that.
They took him under their wings.
They fixed up his hand with gadgets and saws,
and lasers, and other things.

"You are now humanity's guardian,"
the alien in charge said.
"A man with a laser, and buzzsaw for a hand;
no longer a warrior, a Protector instead."

They pushed him off their ship, and among the raging hordes;
his enemies did see him, and they lined up with their swords,
he took one look at his new hand, then he looked across the land.
A Protector now, he made a pledge,
"My enemies - I'll kill them where they stand."